Questions & Answers

Q: What are floor reaction forces?

A: The reaction from the floor as an object, such as a ball or a foot, strikes it.

Q: Are the floor reaction forces useful?

A: Normal walking is not possible with an orthosis or a prosthesis if the designer does not carefully incorporate and harness the floor reaction forces.

Q: Will I function well in a device that does not correct structural deviations such as a limb deformity?

A: No; In fact, not correcting a deformity may result in further deformity.

Q: Is proper alignment or balancing different for someone wearing a prosthesis (artificial limb) or an orthosis (brace)?

A: No; Balancing the body's weight present the same mechanical problem to the orthotist or prosthetist.

Q: Do flexible braces prevent unwanted foot and ankle rotation that often lead to further deformity?

A: No; Flexible braces will flex on weight bearing; this allows the limb to progress into the undesired or malaligned position

Q: What are the two most important factors for the successful functional use of a lower limb prosthesis in achieving a normal gait?

A: Socket fit and alignment.

Q: Are orthotic and prosthetic mechanical applications different for children than for adults?

A: No; The mass is different but the corrective applications are the same.

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