(adult and pediatric)

Prosthetic Sockets are constructed of Carbon-Graphite for light weight and strength. We specialize in the following:

  • Silicone Suction Limbs (BK/AK)
  • Transtibial (Below knee) all designs
  • Transfemoral (Above knee) ISNY and Ischial Containment / all designs
  • Symes and partial foot prostheses (Energy storing designs)
  • Knee disarticulation prostheses
Transtibial Prosthesis with Pathfinder Foot
Transtibial Prosthesis

Water Leg
  • Hip and hemipelvectomy prostheses
  • Upper limb silicone suction prostheses (Below and above elbow)
  • Myoelectric procedures
  • Sports Prostheses
  • Water Legs
  • Fingers & Hands*
Transfemoral Prosthesis with Pathfinder Foot
Transfemoral Prosthesis


Left leg: Transfemoral Locking Silicone Suction

Right leg: Symes

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Silicone Hand Prosthesis

* Complete cosmetic restoration of fingers and partial hand amputations, using state-of-the-art silicone duplicating procedures. Finger and hand prostheses are made of silicone, and are mostly for aesthetic purposes.

Unique warranties on locking silicone suction prostheses.
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"With the new braces, for the first time in years, I can stand perfectly still without touching anything for as long as I desire."

-Gail, Chicago

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