The Helios® Orthosis

(Helical Energy Loading Integrated Orthotic System®)

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You can see this Energy Loading brace in action.
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The Helios® orthosis is a custom energy loading graphite composite brace. The double-helical construction is designed to correct skeletal structural deformities and provide an increase in walking function. This unique energy loading design offers the potential of normal walking. Because of its energy return in walking, it results in the user feeling less fatigue. Among the possible applications are the bracing for physical limitations resulting from Peroneal Neuropathy, CMT, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Polio, and many other neurological diseases.

Easy to put on and remove, this unique design is an incremental improvement over existing bracing systems. It incorporates the two elements necessary for successful bracing: correction force systems and increased function. Both elements are necessary to significantly improve the walking function.

Correction force systems are individually designed force applications for the correction of foot drop and its associated deformities. The Helios® orthosis frequently includes multiple correction forces to both prevent further deformity and correct existing deformity.

Increased function is inherent in the Helios® design and in its complex graphite composite construction. The two long opposing helices bend when walking to tense the closed tension structural system of the Helios® brace. This results in a release of energy that both lifts the leg for ground clearance while swinging and makes the leg swing faster during walking. This unique closed system also allows the foot to adapt from side to side for walking on uneven surfaces such as grass.

The Helios® orthosis comes with a unique guarantee: once fitted by a trained clinician, the brace is guaranteed to provide an improved structural outcome (this often results in an increased walking speed upon completion of a gait training program).

Helios® Excel
Patent Number:
US 7,722.556 B2
Helios® Excel
Patent Number:
US 7,722.556 B2
Helios® E/I
Jointed Helios®

Braces designed for Charcot-Marie-Tooth

Before and After Video
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The side view before (1.9Mb)
The front and back view before (1.3Mb)

Monica's hands are frequently holding or touching the parallel bars. The foot drop is severe, along with the malalignment.
The side after (1.09Mb)
The back after (1.02Mb)

After wearing the Helios it is not necessary for her to touch the bars, as balance is restored. Her walking speed increases significantly.


John Fox before (7.7Mb)

John Fox after (6.9Mb)

"Each brace is custom designed for the wearer’s unique needs…no two braces are made the same."

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