Mitchell Warner - CPO

Graduated from the New York University Post Graduate Medical School's program in orthotics and prosthetics. American Board Certified in both prosthetics and orthotics. Clinically practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 1991, he has lectured there extensively addressing floor reaction applications designed to correct deformity. His prosthetic specialty is silicone suction suspension for transtibial, transfemoral, and upper extremity amputations, a specialty that has measurably improved the performance of his prosthetic clients. The scope of his practice includes cosmetic finger and hand replacement, utilizing the most advanced techniques available. He has developed and trademarked the Helios Energy Release Orthosis, and developed the Double Helix Orthosis. He is currently involved in research and development of carbon graphite applications and design in both prosthetics and orthotics.

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New York Metro area
Rhode Island

"I am pleased to tell everyone that after my visit at Ortho Rehab Designs, the Helios brace has made remarkable corrections."

-Phyllis, San Diego

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